Fortra’s Data Classification Suite

Enhance your data security, deliver interactive training to your users, and reduce business friction.

Automatically Locate and Identify Sensitive Data

Achieving compliance across a wealth of new international data privacy laws and regulations is the benchmark for effective cybersecurity, and data classification is one of the pillars needed to build a strong data protection posture.

Fortra's Data Classification Suite (DCS), previously known as Titus, provides the essential tools to clearly inform both your people and your policies on what data should be secured and how to handle it. Manage and protect your data with the industry’s most flexible and customizable classification metadata schema. Give your data context so people and systems understand how to handle the information.

Meet Fortra's Data Classification Suite

Fortra’s data classification can increase the efficacy of your DLP while reducing business friction and increasing employee security awareness. DCS allows you to add rich context to on-premise and cloud data with data classification. DCS offers robust data classification, identification, and reporting, with unlimited classification fields for ultimate flexibility, for:

Secure Sensitive Information and Reduce Risk of Exposure


DCS enables the classification of a wide variety of file types across multiple platforms, helping organizations to:

  • Classify a wide variety of documents and files to protect sensitive data and prevent data loss, including PDFs, videos, images, ZIP files, and design documents
  • Deliver real-world information for more accurate data loss prevention
  • Comply with data protection regulations and policies like GDPRCCPAHIPAA, and unique support for ITAR and CUI
  • Increase security awareness and accountability among users
  • Leverage metadata across your security ecosystem, adding accuracy to the data protection tools you already use
  • Drive better business decisions, and gain visibility into challenge areas, by group or region
  • Automatically trigger Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration based on the classification of a file


Why Customers Choose DCS

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“[DCS] ensures any type of documents are classified before they can be saved, printed, or sent via email. [DCS] also provides easy to use feature for enabling users to assign classifications to any file..”

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