Fortra’s Data Classification Suite for Outlook Web App (DCS for OWA)

Fortra’s DCS for Outlook Web App is a classification and policy enforcement tool that ensures all OWA emails and meeting requests are classified before they are sent.

Many organizations allow their employees to access email through Web browsers to offer a more flexible work environment. Microsoft Outlook Web App (OWA*) provides users with a familiar email and calendar experience across both Windows and Mac platforms. But while convenient for users, this can make organizations more vulnerable to data leakage.

Fortra’s Data Classification Suite (DCS) for OWA is a classification and policy enforcement tool that ensures all OWA emails and meeting requests are classified before they are sent. The solution brings the familiar features of DCS for Outlook to the web, including support for customizable labels and a simple, intuitive user interface that integrates into the regular OWA workflow. In addition to enforcing classification, our solution can also restrict the viewing and distribution of sensitive information over OWA, helping to prevent data loss.

DCS for OWA Highlights

DCS for OWA is a classification email solution for Microsoft Outlook Web App that can allow OWA users to select classifications before sending an email. Based on these classifications, organizations can:

  • Prevent inadvertent disclosure of sensitive information from OWA
  • Raise user awareness by clearly identifying sensitive information
  • Restrict the type of information that users can view over OWA
  • Meet compliance requirements

System Requirements

Microsoft Exchange® Server 2016, 2013 & 2010

Supported Browsers

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
Key Features Benefit
Classification Selector Prompts users to classify all OWA emails, enabling organizations to enforce their classification policies in a simple, non-intrusive way.
Visual Markings Applies visual markings and handling instructions in the message subject line and body to clearly identify the email’s sensitivity and comply with regulations.
Metadata Assist Stores user classification selections with the document as persistent metadata, which can be used to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of DLP, archiving, and perimeter security solutions.
Policy Enforcement  Inspects the message for policy violations before it leaves the desktop and provides instant feedback, asking the sender to correct any problems.
Security Enablement  Adds an extra layer of security by automatically encrypting and signing sensitive emails. This optional feature requires S/MIME certificates.
Protect Sensitive Information  Prevents access to the most sensitive email or attachments on public computers or via public networks to prevent data leaks.
Administration  Enables organizations to centrally configure and deploy their classification labels and policies.


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