Fortra’s Data Detection Engine Privacy Catalog

An intelligent solution that uses machine learning to protect sensitive files and emails at creation

Protect personal data with DDE Privacy Catalog


Many organizations have realized the risk of hosting unsecured personal data in their systems. Fortra’s Data Detection Engine Privacy Catalog can help you find Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within unstructured data and can offer suggestions for, or even automatically determine, its categorization. Whether you have a robust privacy program in place or not, our solution is the perfect way to optimize privacy, decrease risk, and ensure regulatory compliance. DDE Privacy Catalogue helps your organization:

Reduce risk by accurately and efficiently detecting personal data

Remain compliant with multiple data protection regulations

Add context to data through metadata

Integrate with, and enhance, downstream security solutions

Provide users with a seamless data protection experience

How it works — and how smart it is!


DDE Privacy Catalogue uses artificial intelligence to contextually identify sensitive words and categorize documents (e.g., medical records, job applications, etc.) and emails based on themes. It scans through content focusing on PII, using both words and the context surrounding those words to reduce false positives, and augment organizational privacy programs and ecosystems. When sending an email or saving a document, DDE Privacy Catalogue will warn the user before the email is sent or the document is saved and classified.

And depending on company policy, users can be presented with a range of options. The user can send the email/save the document with the recommended classification based on the PII found, manually override the recommended classification level, or remove the PII from the email/document.

Answers to common questions

DDE Privacy Catalogue is a perfect fit for organizations that understand personal data protection requirements but have yet to deploy a full-fledged security program. DDE Privacy Catalogue can quickly be added to Fortra’s Data Classification solution to limit personal data exposure.

The rich metadata Data Classification embeds in files and emails can be leveraged by all the components of your existing security ecosystem. This interconnected system of best-of-breed technologies allows you to create a more robust, seamless, data protection solution.

The goal of DDE Privacy Catalogue is to accelerate the time-to-value compared to a standard classification deployment. DDE Privacy Catalogue is an out-of-the-box, pre-trained model that requires limited effort to deploy. Fortra’s experts are also available to answer sizing and scaling questions to ensure easy and fast deployment.

Every organization has unique data privacy protection needs, but most organizations face a common set of privacy protection challenges – primarily workflow bottlenecks and end user knowledge. Automation can allow organizations to guide the classification or categorization of data to increase efficiency, create a simplified experience, and educate the end user all at once. Data Classification still allows you the option to be able to guide your end user without fully automating the process.