How Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Pairs with Classification

Why Pair Data Loss Prevention with Data Classification?


Data loss is a concern for every organization. Whether you need to protect your data to meet regulatory compliance, or to keep your company’s plans under wraps, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is critical. When Fortra's Data Classification is used alongside traditional DLP solutions, the accuracy of your data loss prevention solution increases substantially, reducing frustrating "false positive" detection errors.

Users become more aware of the sensitivity of the data they handle and more careful as a result. With classification you can be confident that your organization will be able to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements, as and when you need to.

Benefits of Data Classification

Enhance DLP precision by harnessing your users knowledge of data

Increase user awareness of data value

Accelerate DLP projects by reducing complexity

Reduce false positive errors and their impact on business processes

Improve confidence in compliance to internal and regulatory policies

Report on classification activity and policy compliance

[Fortra's Classifier Suite] has helped to reduce DLP false positives by over 80%.

Alexey Lola, CISO, DeltaCredit Bank