Fortra's Classifier Suite and Seclore


Seclore Data Classification, powered by the best-of-breed classification product, Fortra's Classifier Suite, enables organizations to easily define and apply classification to their documents as they are created and modified.

Working seamlessly with Seclore Rights Management, organizations can now automatically classify, protect, and track their sensitive information wherever it travels to close security gaps and address regulatory compliance.

Using Seclore Data Classification in combination with Seclore Rights Management enables organizations to seamlessly integrate with other best-of-breed datacentric security solutions (such as DLP, CASB and eDiscovery) to automate the end-to-end data security process, from discovery to classification to protection and usage tracking.

The rich library of connectors and policy federation also makes it easy for organizations to integrate existing enterprise content management and collaboration solutions (such as email, EFSS, ERP, and ECM) into the data-centric framework so that documents are automatically classified and protected as they are downloaded and shared.

About Seclore

Seclore offers the market’s first fully browser-based data-centric security solution, which enables organizations to control the usage of files wherever they go, both within and outside of the organization’s boundaries. The ability to remotely enforce and audit who can view, edit, copy, screen share, and redistribute files empowers organizations to embrace mobility, file-sharing, and external collaboration with confidence. With over 6000 companies in 29 countries using Seclore to protect 10 petabytes of data, Seclore is helping organizations achieve their data security, governance, and compliance objectives.

Solution Highlights

Best-of-Breed Rights Management

Best-of-Breed Data Classification

Integrated Data Classification, Protection and Compliance

Automatic for Users

Persistent, Granular Data Security

Support for MS Office Files

Classification And Seclore Interoperability