File Classifier

Classify files held in Windows Explorer

Extending Classification To All File Types


Fortra's Classifier Suite enables organizations to classify any kind of file in Windows Explorer, allowing the user or system to manually or automatically ensure all data is categorized and labeled appropriately to enforce security policy and data handling rules.

Easy-to-use interface that appears native to the application

Apply classification in multiple ways: manually, by suggestion, or mandated

Integrated classification interface in the application ribbon

Improve accuracy and efficiency of third-party security solutions such as DLP, secure collaboration, and archiving

Why All Businesses Need To Invest In File Classification Software


There are many data classification tools on the market nowadays, but a file classifier is something that all businesses require. Virtually all businesses handle an abundance of files in various formats, and data classification is the only way to gain full control and clarity over the data stored in these files. 

Key Benefits

  • Classify all of your files in one location. This makes it much easier to handle your organization's classification responsibilities, with everything being on the one convenient and consistent platform, which in turn will make file classification much more effective.
  • Make users more aware of their data responsibilities. Visual labels will ensure that users think twice before opening, modifying, or sending a particular file, protecting your business against data loss.
  • Once data is classified, you have the platform to use data loss protection software effectively. You can be more confident in the security strategy you have in place, as data is being effectively managed and employees are more responsible.
  • Prove compliance easier and faster. From the Data Protection Acts to the Digital Economy Act, there are many regulations that concern the handling of sensitive data. To prove your compliance, you will need to have an audit trail, and you must show that you have adequate protection measures in place. With File Classifier, you can access files quicker, and have a better understanding of your data, which will make it easier to give the relevant bodies assurances about your regulatory compliance.

Ensure better control of your data with File Classifier. This solution boasts many effective and innovative features, from the flexible classification of any file formats to consistent application of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) measures.

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