Notes Classifier

Get complete classification coverage for email messages and attachments

Classification Protection For Your Notes Email Application


Email is the primary collaboration tool in most organizations, so it’s no surprise that it’s a common source of information leakage, with most data loss caused by user error. Fortra's Classifier Suite puts labeling at the heart of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) by engaging users in classifying information, so that relevant visual labels can be applied to HCL Notes® email messages.

Classification results in increased user awareness of the sensitivity of information, the ability to provide evidence that applicable regulations have been met, and the opportunity to boost the return on your investments in DLP, encryption, archiving & storage, e-discovery, secure collaboration, and ERDMS.

Fortra's Classifier Suite ensures you have complete classification coverage no matter what productivity application your organization uses. As well as manual marking of messages, Notes Classifier checks that the attachments and classification of a message are suitable for the selected recipients, ensuring email is not a weak point in your data security.



Key Features

Motivates, suggests, or even mandates appropriate classification, protecting users from costly errors
Classification can be highly tailored to suit your organizational needs - one size does not fit all
Classification controls in the ribbon to appear truly native to the application

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