ITAR Compliance with Fortra

Organizations need a solution that ensures ITAR compliance, while also allowing their business to run optimally.

The aerospace and defense organizations operate on a global scale and handle data that needs to be protected from competitors as well as foreign military and government organizations. Competitive secrets, disparate customer requirements, and government regulations surrounding the sharing of sensitive information are critical considerations in the aerospace and defense marketplace.

The U.S. government’s International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), govern the export and import of defense related material and technologies. These regulations are closely linked to trade secrets and matters of national security; U.S. companies can face multi-million-dollar fines if they provide non-U.S. persons with access to ITAR-protected products or information. Managing and controlling ITAR-protected information is a critical step for organizations wishing to address ITAR compliance requirements, however many of these organizations still struggle to understand their data and how to protect it.

Organizations need a solution that ensures ITAR compliance, while also allowing their business to run optimally. An ideal solution should accurately identify sensitive data in their systems, mitigate leakage of that data, and be able to reduce user friction throughout this process.

How Fortra Data Classification Suite (DCS) ensures ITAR compliance

DCS provides an ITAR compliance solution that uses intelligent protection, powered by machine learning, to ensure organizational regulatory compliance, while also allowing for a seamless user experience.

DCS enhances the effectiveness of your data protection and privacy program by identifying what data you have, how sensitive it is, and how it should be handled by your security stack. Industry and analyst research have indicated that identifying and classifying your data are foundational steps in ITAR compliance. DCS offers a solution that will engage your employees, and enforce your company polices for identifying, classifying and securing personal data.

Fortra for ITAR compliance

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Identifying the business value within email and documents allows your organization to make informed decisions about how personal data is handled. Fortra enables organizations to identify the sensitivity of unstructured data with support for automated, system suggested, or user-driven identification.

Classify data at rest, and data in motion automatically or in the flow of work.

DCS works where your employees work – in productivity tools, emails, desktop, mobile, and web-based applications. DCS applies persistent metadata to unstructured data that can help trigger the appropriate data protection policy.

Based on the identification and classification of your personal data, DCS will enforce your ITAR compliance policies to secure and protect that data from breach. Whether it’s preventing the distribution of any personal data outside of your network, or encrypting anything classified as personal data, DCS applies your security and ITAR compliance policies to protect your most sensitive data.

Whether you’re just starting out on your compliance journey, or you’re looking for a solution to facilitate your existing data security investments, DCS will help you deliver on both your business and compliance objectives.


Fortra ITAR solutions are used by military and defense companies such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Pratt & Whitney, BAE Systems, UCT, Xilinx, and Dow Corning. Whether you’re still planning your ITAR compliance program, or if it’s already in place but needs better tools to be effective, Fortra can help:

  • Identify technical or other sensitive data
  • Avoid data leakage
  • Optimize your existing security
  • Audit and archive effectively
  • Implement your data security solution with ease

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