Fortra’s Data Classification Suite (DCS) Intelligent Protection – Powered by Machine Learning

Build the most effective security program

Organizations need tools and solutions that help them minimize risk and increase confidence, especially as expectations and standards for data handling have increased pressure to protect information and reputations.

Fortra’s DCS Intelligent Protection helps you more consistently and efficiently identify, classify, and secure data in the flow of work. Our feedback and reporting help you refine and enhance your data models to continuously improve accuracy and adapt to the changing needs of the business.

Machine learning runs behind the scenes providing end-users with additional support without additional effort. This allows you to deploy and run intelligent and responsive machine learning on a standard workstation.

Customized for your organization and its policies


Using DCS Intelligent Protection, we’ll help you establish a policy-driven foundation to facilitate the identification and classification of sensitive data at creation, in motion, or at rest so you can apply the right level of protection.

Accurate data identification
Consistent data classification
Intelligent data protection

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