The Definitive Guide To Data Classification

Read our guide to learn why classification is the foundation of data security, and how prioritization and data classification can help you save time and money

There are two types of companies: those that run on data and those that will run on data.

Infosec professionals will perennially be challenged with more to do than time, budget, and staffing will allow. The most effective method to address this is through prioritization, and in the case of your growing data, prioritization comes from data classification.

This guide will show you the importance of a strong data classification policy, and how prioritization and data classification go hand in hand.

Our guide covers these topics:

  • What is Data Classification?
  • Data Classification Myths
  • Why Data Classification is Foundational
  • The Resurgence of Data Classification
  • How Do You Want to Classify Your Data
  • Selling Data Classification to the Business
  • Getting Successful with Data Classification
  • Fortra Data Classification & Protection
The definitive guide to data classification