Data Classification for the Legal Industry


A data breach for a law firm can lead to irreparable reputational damage, not only for the firm, but also its client, which in turn could significantly reduce company value for both organizations. As part of their codes of conduct, law firms are required to have effective systems and controls in place to identify and mitigate risks to client confidentiality.

Fortra's industry-leading data classification tools help law firms by reducing risk, protecting a client’s intellectual property and reputation, and ensuring compliance with codes of conduct and industry regulations every day.

Law firms that implement a data classification solution can offer clients a greater level of confidence in the integrity of their confidential information. Data classification with Classifier can support a proactive approach to preventing conflicts of interest by ensuring that client data remains cleanly segregated.

Classifier also enables law firms to enhance the return on investments in complementary information security solutions by integrating seamlessly with Data Loss Prevention (DLP), encryption, e-Discovery, Digital Rights Management (DRM) policiesdata archiving and storage solutions offered by a range of technology providers.

Fortra Data Classification solutions enable administrators to understand how information is being shared and accessed, identifying training opportunities or potential data leaks. Rule-based alerts also warn users when they are attempting to share data with individuals or departments with insufficient permissions, preventing accidental data loss.

Supports compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998ISO 27001, EU data laws, and Solicitors Regulation Authority Code of Conduct.

Legal customers include Thomson, Snell and Passmore.