Data Retention & Archiving

Why Use Data Retention & Archiving Technology?


Businesses save data for many different reasons; regulatory compliance, financial reporting, or disaster recovery, which can lead to conflicting and confusing archiving policies. The net result is that users cannot be confident about deletion so they end up saving everything, driving up your data storage costs and risking failure to comply with legal obligations.

By involving users in the classification of their data with Fortra's Data Classification, it is possible to remove the need for ad-hoc application of data retention and archiving practices. By assigning value to information through classification metadata, retention policies can be enforced automatically, employing third-party archiving systems, making your data archiving and retention more efficient, more reliable, and easier to use.


Key Benefits

Increased consistency with automatic application of data retention policies

Reduced cost of data storage

Increased operational efficiency & effectiveness

Improved data reliability which improves performance of eDiscovery

Support for compliance obligations for data retention and disposal

Easier user-driven classification as part of daily routine

Increased awareness of data value and sensitivity

Improved compliance with industry regulations

Keeping You Secure, Compliant and in Control

Our data classification solutions deliver globally-recognized innovation, service excellence, and technology that works.

  • Fortra's Data Classification Suite, previously known as Fortra's Titus, allows you to add rich content to on-premises and cloud data with data classification. DCS offers robust data classification, identification, and reporting, with unlimited classification for ultimate flexibility.
  • Fortra's Classifier Suite, previously known as Fortra's Boldon James, enables classification within standard office applications on both Windows and MacOS. The platform offers a consistent, intuitive user interface to bring classification into daily routine for your users.

Why Choose Fortra's Data Classification


With unrivalled customer service and best-of-breed data protection and governance solutions, we are helping many of the world’s most successful organizations take control of their business data. Everyday, our customers enjoy more effective, secure and streamlined operations protecting their business critical information and reducing risk.

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We integrate with powerful data security and governance ecosystems.

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We protect business critical data, improve data control and reduce risk.

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We deliver improved and streamlined business performance.

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We are a “safe pair of hands” that constantly deliver success.

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