Fortra's Classifier Suite User-Applied Classification and Symantec Data Loss Prevention Improve User Acceptance and Risk Reduction

This solution paper illustrates how the combination of Fortra's Classifier Suite and Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) reduces the likelihood of data loss by applying the insight of each knowledge worker to DLP decisions.

The combination of Fortra's Classifier Suite and Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) reduces the likelihood of data loss by applying the insight of each knowledge worker to DLP decisions. Classifier captures the user’s view of the business value of data in the form of visual and metadata markings applied to messages and documents. This user perspective can then be used to supplement automated content scanning in order to deliver more accurate DLP outcomes with fewer “false positives”, improved user acceptance and greater risk reduction.

Identifying the true value of your data

Organizations looking to deploy data loss prevention solutions are commonly faced with the dilemma of how to maximize the value of automated content scanning whilst avoiding the negative impact of “false positive” results. For example, checking for credit card numbers, employee numbers, material codes, etc. As a result the solution is left unable to identify the true business value of most information and to apply relevant controls. By engaging knowledge workers in the process of classifying the unstructured data that they routinely handle it becomes possible to supply the DLP solution with predictable, meaningful metadata that greatly improves the reliability of DLP decision making.

Empowering users

Knowledge workers are the main source and handling point for the unstructured data that flows through an organization. Having users apply their knowledge and insight to this data is critical if an organization is to correctly identify the business value of information within a rising tide of data. But how can you engage users in this process? The answer is twofold, firstly to provide users with a solution to consistently classify this information and the other is to ensure that such tools fit seamlessly into the working practices of those users. Fortra's Classifier Suite plugs into the primary productivity tools of your users, allowing them to select the most appropriate business label, providing them with guidance on labelling policy before automatically applying preformatted visual and metadata markings to messages and documents.

By leveraging the knowledge of those creating and handling information the users become contributors to a date loss prevention solution rather than just being regarded as part of the problem. The majority of data leaks are caused by simple human error and so by equipping users with suitable classification tools their awareness of data handling responsibilities can be significantly improved, which in turn ensures greater acceptance of data loss prevention measures.

Consistent Protection through Metadata

Symantec provides a comprehensive DLP solution that discovers, monitors and protects confidential business information wherever it’s stored and used - across cloud apps, email, web, endpoints and data repositories. However unless the significance of each item of information can be accurately determined then even a pervasive set of control points will not prevent data leakage. Fortra's Classifier Suite assists users in applying consistent classification metadata to information, supplying Symantec DLP with reliable insight into the meaning and value of data which complements automated detection methods.

With improved accuracy of DLP decision making, the incidence of “false positives” that may be frustrating to users and impact business processes, can be significantly reduced without compromising effectiveness.

Combining Symantec DLP and Fortra's Classifier Suite

Fortra's Classifier Suite engages users in the process of classification by seamlessly extending key productivity applications such as those of Microsoft Office, providing a range of interface choices by which users can select a business label. Feedback can be provided to the user to assist them in making the label choice and complying with corporate guidelines before visual and metadata markings are applied to the message or document. With the business context captured in the Classifier metadata, Symantec DLP can then apply decisions in a consistent manner in order to control the distribution of that information or apply further security measures.

For example, if a user labels a document as “Company Internal” then Symantec DLP can prevent that document from being printed in a public reception area or from being copied to a removable media such as a USB drive.

About Fortra's Classifier Suite

Fortra's Classifier Suite products capture your user’s understanding of the value of the information they handle, raising security awareness, providing handling guidance and applying control over information exchange. The Classifier products provide users with a convenient means to apply relevant visual & metadata labels to messages, documents and files, according to policies you define and in a manner that maximizes user acceptance. The Classifier product set provides classification tools for all your information assets, integrating within the key user productivity tools involved in their creation and management. Classifier products represent a new generation of classification tools designed from the outset to handle the lifecycle and evolution of your labelling scheme and address the need for labelling interoperation that is vital in today’s collaborative landscape.

About Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Symantec’s industry-leading Data Loss Prevention solution discovers, monitors and protects your confidential business information wherever it’s stored and used. It gives you the ability to extend security and compliance policies beyond the borders of your own network. And it offers you the lowest total cost of ownership -- with proven deployment methodologies, intuitive policy and incident management tools, and comprehensive coverage across all of your high-risk channels. Symantec Data Loss Prevention is available as an on-premises and hybrid cloud solution enabling flexible deployment and seamless management from a unified platform. Symantec Corporation, the world’s leading cyber security company, helps organizations, governments and people secure their most important data wherever it lives.