Fortra’s Data Classification Suite (DCS) Ultra Edition

Most organizations understand the need for effective and secure information sharing, but highly sensitive documents stored and shared in a military environment require data protection capabilities not found in most standard data classification solutions.

Fortra’s Data Classification Suite (DCS) Ultra Edition affords organizations the most robust classification and policy enforcement solution available today – ensuring that not only is information classified, but the persistent metadata applied by DCS is able to empower and strengthen the rest of an organization’s security ecosystem.

DCS Ultra Edition Features

The following features are included within DCS Ultra Edition in addition to all features available within DCS Classification Suite, which remain available to all of our customers.

  • Signed Trusted Labels: These labels are meant for highly secure environments where tampering with security classifications could have serious implications. Signed trusted labels are implemented using cryptographic features to create a higher level of assurance that labels have not been tampered with. This feature creates a hash of the labels and document content and uses an XML-based digital signature. Compliant with the NATO CML labeling standard, this feature is unique to DCS.
  • Portion Marking: This feature enables authors to apply classifications to individual portions of an email or document and automatically upgrades the overall classification to the highest portion marking that the email or document contains. This portion mark can be defined at many levels, including paragraph, table, or image. For example, one paragraph within a document can be classified as SECRET while the rest of the content remains PUBLIC. Portion marks can be configured to appear at the beginning, the end, or the beginning and end of the paragraph, table, or image.

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