Data protection and compliance for defense

From defense to aerospace, Fortra Data Classification ensures secure sensitive information handling

Why Data Classification for Defense


Defense organizations depend on the exchange of information, the majority of which is highly sensitive. To enable effective and secure information sharing, defense organizations have historically relied on classification markings. Without an effective tool to enforce this classification and automate the application of markings, defense organizations struggle with correct classification, workflow friction, and data leakage. With the need to share information both nationally and internationally, the loss of highly sensitive information can have global consequences.

How Fortra Data Classification can Help Defense Organizations Protect Valuable Data


Fortra’s Data Classification Suite (DCS) allows defense organizations an easy-to-use classification and policy enforcement solution that ensures all emails and documents are classified and protectively marked before being saved, printed, or emailed. This solution provides defense organizations the capability to share sensitive and imperative data within their organization and beyond, ultimately enhancing existing security and data protection ecosystems, promoting national and international sharing, and reducing the risk of sensitive information leakage.

Solution brief: DCS Military Classification Solution

See how DCS enables defense organizations to make the most of their security ecosystem while sharing vital information both nationally and internationally.

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