Notes Classifier

Classification and release control for HCL Notes®

At A Glance

Email is the primary collaboration tool in most organizations, so it’s no surprise that it’s a common source of information leakage, with most data loss caused by user error. Fortra's Classifier Suite puts labelling at the heart of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) by engaging users in classifying information, so that relevant visual labels can be applied to HCL Notes® email messages.

Classification results in increased user awareness of the sensitivity of information, the ability to provide evidence that applicable regulations have been met and the opportunity to boost the return on your investments in DLP, encryption, archiving & storage, e-discovery, rights management and ERDMS.

Engages Users

Simple Label Selection

Notes Classifier provides a simple interface from which users select a classification label. This interface is shared with other Classifier products, ensuring a common user experience when labelling emails, documents and files.

Quick Classification

Users are presented with a simple collection of buttons that need only a single click to classify an email.

Label Shortcuts

Users can have convenient access to the labels they use most often or find most useful in the form of ‘favourites’ and recently used choices.

Increases Awareness

Visual Indications

Notes Classifier applies visual markings to the content of Notes messages, raising user awareness of the value of the information that they are handling.

Metadata Marking

Notes Classifier applies metadata markings that form Internet x-headers, enabling email filtering, encryption and archiving technologies to take action based on these structured label values.

Attachment Inventory

Append details of attached files (including their classification) to the end of an email, providing reviewers with the attachment history and maintaining their awareness of original content, even when printed.

Enforces Policy

Clearance Checking

Notes Classifier checks label values against the clearances assigned by an administrator to the email domains of external recipients. These checks ensure controlled distribution of email outside of the organization, preventing external information loss and significantly reducing an organization’s security exposure and risk.

Attractive Label Consistency

Where an email includes documents labelled by Fortra's Office Classifier, then Notes Classifier will ensure that the message label is appropriate for those documents, providing a dependable approach to information dissemination.

Policy Feedback

Notes Classifier offers a comprehensive policy feedback interface that presents fully customizable content to users, explaining the result of any policy checks.

Drives Security Solutions

Enhancing Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Use classification metadata to improve the accuracy of DLP solutions, accelerate implementation projects and reduce frustrating false positives.

Exploits A Common Platform

Unified Administration

The Classifier Administration console unifies the policy configuration of all Classifier products – handling policies from the simple to complex, ensuring a quick implementation with the minimum of expertise (see the Classifier Administration datasheet).

Auditing & Reporting

Records classification events to support audit and management reporting requirements, providing visibility of user behaviour and allowing better targeting of security training and improved understanding of compliance position.

  • Engages users
  • Increases awareness
  • Enforces policy
  • Drives security solutions
  • Exploits a common platform


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