Why Data Classification for Pharmaceuticals?


In the highly-regulated pharmaceutical industry data management is essential. Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for protecting vast quantities of highly-sensitive, confidential data to comply with data protection laws and stringent legislative health standards. Pharmaceutical companies essentially are both producers and consumers of vast quantities of sensitive data, stemming from initial research, through patent filing, ongoing clinical research, the issuing of licenses, the manufacturing process and continual dissemination of information to the medical community. With R&D budgets running into the millions, protecting research and personal data up to and beyond the point of product launch is critical to success.

By only enabling access to data by those who need it, the risk of data loss reduces substantially. Data access is driven by classification so that only users with the correct permissions can see your sensitive information.

How Fortra's Data Classification can Help Pharmaceutical Companies

Fortra supports compliance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), US Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), U.S. Food and Drug Administration Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, and ISO27001.

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