Data Classification Deployment Methodology

Successfully deploy a data classification solution based on your unique data security needs.

A proven strategy

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Outline your business needs around data protection and information handling with guidance from Fortra's Data Classification Professional Services team. By engaging with stakeholders from across your organization, we can ensure that everyone has an agreed-upon blueprint to follow as your data security solutions roll out to users.

Our deployment process

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We follow three phases designed to help you meet these very important goals:

  • Educate stakeholders and employees on best practices for handling personal information to create a culture of security within your organization.
  • Empower users with the information and tools they need to make suggested classifications based on your organization’s policies.
  • Enforce your policies through data handling restrictions and integration with your other data security investments.

Step 1: ENGAGE

Before any technology discussions occur, we engage with you for deep planning. It’s critical to identify your business stakeholders, including account executives, sales engineers, professional services team members, product managers, people from customer service management, human resources, and other departments. All of these people must be involved at every step of the way. As a team, we will review the data classification implementation methodology and align on the functionality your organization needs to implement.

At this initial stage, it’s critical to discuss roles and responsibilities, identifying specific individuals who will approve each step along the way.

  • Set up a process for providing feedback during implementation.
  • Review key success factors.
  • Align on a communications plan and strategy that keeps employees informed — beginning now.
  • Map out user acceptance testing (UAT) strategy and identify stakeholders.
  • Review requirements from important departments or countries.
  • Consider compliance mandates and other external factors.
  • Determine whether your existing technologies will leverage the classification metadata for optimization (data loss prevention (DLP), archiving, etc.).
  • Identify a long-range vision for classification in the organization (with flexibility in mind).

Download the DCS Deployment Methodology solution brief

Learn more about our proven implementation strategy and exactly how you can successfully deploy a data classification solution to meet your unique data security needs. 


DCS deployment: Implementation timelines

The DCS deployment methodology offers organizations an iterative framework to effectively deploy policies in a manner that ensures a positive user experience and with an eye toward ongoing evolution. 


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