20 years on: Why do DLP Projects still fail?


Despite being around for 20 years and at the forefront of protecting organisations’ sensitive data, Data Loss Prevention programs still struggle to keep pace with ever-changing organisational requirements. Before you know it, your two most precious resources—time and money—are down the drain. To make matters worse, at the same time, the risk to data security just keeps getting higher. 

Join us in welcoming Jenny Hamm, a new speaker for Piers & Ian’s webcast and our Data Protection Lead at Fortra. Jenny spends her every day actively solving cybersecurity challenges for real-life DLP customers, and along with Ian Davies, she'll be sharing expert insights in this 30-minute webcast. 

  “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  

What to consider to avoid the latter:  

  • Pre-Purchase planning 
    • Which vital questions should precede deployment details in your vendor search process
    • DLP is a living evolving organism – how can you be 100% certain it can grow with your business? 
  • Event Overload. 
    • What really stands behind poorly configured DLP 
    • How not to set your DLP tools to orbit around theoretical cases 
    • There is no panacea against an overload of false positives – but visibility will bring you a long-awaited reduction. How do you get there? 


Jenny Hamm, Data Protection Sales Lead, Fortra

Ian Davies, Data Protection account Manager, Fortra