Government Classification and Protective Marking Systems

Big data, data governance, data management and securing sensitive data – these are everyday challenges for government organizations around the world, as well as making sure that sensitive data has the right security labelling applied.

In this whitepaper we will explore how classification and protective marking schemes are helping government organizations better secure data. We will delve into different country classification and protective marking schemes, what these are and the type of information that requires this treatment as well as the importance of appropriate data categorization, classification, and security labelling. With government sensitive data it is paramount that organizations ensure the right people have access to the right data.

We will explore how Fortra's Classifier Suite data classification solution provides organizations with just that – an effective data security programmed – so that they remain secure, compliant and in control.

Topics covered include:

  • Protective marking and other government classification schemes
  • Why use protective markings?
  • What systems do different countries use to mark or classify data
  • Providing deeper visibility and control of critical data
  • Triggering action when data is at risk