OWA Classifier


Classification and release control for web-based messaging

At A Glance

Email is the primary collaboration tool in most organizations, so it’s no surprise that it’s a common source of information leakage, with most data loss caused by user negligence. Fortra's OWA Classifier puts labelling at the heart of data loss prevention by giving users the ability to apply relevant visual labels to Microsoft Outlook Web App email messages and to embed labels within the email metadata.

OWA Classifier applies labels to enforce the organization’s rules on handling and release of email, accurately invoking downstream technologies such as gateway-based encryption or email archiving.

The result is increased user awareness of the sensitivity of information, the ability to provide evidence that applicable regulations have been met.

Consistent User Experience

Classification Selector

OWA Classifier provides a simple, familiar drop-down interface from which users of Microsoft Outlook Web App select a classification label. Administrators can set options to force labelling on Send, Reply and Forward, thereby automating compliance with data assurance.

Quick Classification

Where a user community only needs a small set of label choices, Quick Classification presents those users with a pre-set collection of label buttons. These buttons need only a single click to classify a document or email. Each button has its own color cue, caption and tooltip.


OWA Classifier supports the Light interface of Microsoft Outlook Web App which includes accessibility features recommended by Microsoft for blind and low vision users, such as those using screen reader technologies.

Interface Choice

In order to offer the broadest range of usage scenarios OWA Classifier supports both the Light and Premium interfaces of Microsoft Outlook Web App – which ensures compatibility with a wide set of Internet browsers. The Light interface is also known as the Basic interface.

Increases Awareness

Visual Marking

OWA Classifier applies visual labels to email messages, raising user awareness of the value of the information that they are handling. Administrators can configure where the label will appear, possible alternate values and how the label is formatted - including font size, color, prefixes, suffixes and delimiter selection.

Metadata Marking

OWA Classifier applies metadata labels to Internet x-headers, enabling email filtering, encryption and archiving technologies to take precise action based on label values. This provides a simple way to ensure consistent actions are taken by complex information security tools and offers an additional safeguard against data leakage.

Enforces Policy

Content Consistency

Where a user includes within an email a document labelled by Fortra's Office Classifier then OWA Classifier will ensure the message and document labels match, providing a dependable approach to information dissemination.

Embedded Content Checks

OWA Classifier will check for labels within nested content attached to messages, whether it is inside another email or a zipped file. This deep analysis prevents policy violations by ensuring that even complex content is subject to a consistent level of control.

Message Attachment List

OWA Classifier can append details of attached files (including file name and any security label) to the bottom of an email, to provide reviewers with the attachment history, maintaining their awareness of original content, even when printed.

User Clearance Checking

The Clearance Checking feature compares label values against sender and recipient clearance levels. Administrators can specify the level of information which particular users or groups can receive as clearances, thus controlling access to information in a granular manner and preventing inadvertent information leaks within an organization.

Domain Clearance Checking

OWA Classifier checks label values against administrator-created email domain rules in order to ensure controlled distribution outside of the organization.

Drives Security Solutions

Control Of Messaging Protection

OWA Classifier allows administrators to set rules based on label values that can invoke S/MIME encryption and digital signing. These leverages existing investments in S/MIME security systems, aids their adoption and ensures consistent use.

Exploits A Common Platform

Unified Administration

OWA Classifier shares unified administration with other Classifier products via the Classifier Administration console, which handles policy configuration needs from simple to complex ensuring that the solution can be implemented quickly with the minimum of expertise.


Administrators can specify which events are audited to the Windows event log, providing visibility of user behavior and compliance to security policies.

  • Consistent user experience
  • Increases awareness
  • Enforces policy
  • Drives security solutions
  • Exploits a common platform