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Classifying Microsoft Office© documents to prevent data loss

At A Glance

Organizations are experiencing a dramatic increase in the quantity of unstructured data that is being created and shared by their employees. With Microsoft Office© being the primary productivity tool used in creating this data, it is vital that appropriate security controls exist to cope with the increased risk of data loss and to ensure that users are made aware of the need to safeguard sensitive documents.

Boldon James Office Classifier meets that challenge by empowering users to apply relevant visual labels to documents and embed those labels into the document metadata. Office Classifier provides the most comprehensive set of labelling add-ins for key applications in the Microsoft Office© suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Project. Classifier labels enforce an organization’s rules on handling and release of documents, automatically invoking other protective technologies such as Rights Management.

Engages Users

Simple Label Selection

Classification label choices are made via the familiar Office ribbon bar, with a range of fully customizable interface styles. Users are guided through a series of labelling choices, reducing complexity and ensuring validity of the final selection.

Quick Classification

Users are presented with a simple collection of buttons that need only a single click to classify the Office document.

Label Shortcuts

Users can have convenient access to the labels they use most often or find most useful in the form of ‘favourites’ and recently-used choices.

Increases Awareness

Visual Marking

Visual markings are applied to the content of the document. You can customize the formatting, position and syntax of these markings and include images and dynamic placeholders such as username and date.

Metadata Marking

Classifications are recorded as metadata within the Office document properties – invoking and enabling other technologies such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Data Retention. Portion Marking Allow users to apply different classifications to sections of information within the same document - providing granular control over the information. Office Classifier ensures that the overarching document label is always that of the highest portion mark.

Enforces Policy

Classification Enforcement

Option to require a user to classify each document – automating compliance with data classification and information assurance policies.

Content Consistency

Detect content within Word and Excel documents that is inappropriate for a chosen label and advise the user on remediation.

Drives Security Solutions

Streamlining Endpoint Protection

Use classification choices to automatically apply a Microsoft Azure Information Protection (Rights Management) policy – aiding the adoption and consistent use of persistent protection measures.

Enhancing Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Use classification metadata to improve the accuracy of DLP solutions, accelerate implementation projects and reduce frustrating false positives.

Exploits A Common Platform

Unified Administration

The Classifier Administration console unifies the policy configuration of all Classifier products – handling policies from the simple to complex, ensuring a quick implementation with the minimum of expertise (see the Classifier Administration datasheet).

Auditing & Reporting

Records classification events to support audit and management reporting requirements, providing visibility of user behavior and allowing better targeting of security training and improved understanding of compliance position.

  • Engages users
  • Increases awareness
  • Enforces policy
  • Drives security solutions
  • Exploits a common platform

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