Fortra’s Mail for iOS

Fortra’s Mail for iOS is an easy to use email and document security solution for mobile devices.

Fortra’s Mail for iOS is an intuitive email and mobile data protection solution that guides users as they create, forward, or reply to messages. Mail for iOS lets users identify and classify email sensitivity using visual markings and metadata, which helps raise security awareness and supports best practices around information handling and security regulation compliance.

The solution enables organizations to assign customized classification levels that help enforce their data security policy. They can also indicate parameters to identify safe email recipients, force certain classifications, when necessary, restrict attachments from being viewed, block configured content contained within email messages, prevent classifications from being downgraded, and even prevent users from opening certain emails on their mobile devices.

Best-in-class email classification for mobile data protection

Mail for iOS is a standalone email application that can be deployed easily without disrupting existing workflows, supporting interoperability between their iOS device and Windows or Mac-based computers. Mail for iOS provides a highly secure email application that enables organizations to address their biggest mobile data security concerns. The app supports essential mail classification capabilities while maintaining the familiar and intuitive interface of the Fortra suite of classification solutions.

Industry-leading interoperability

Fortra’s classification capabilities can be seamlessly integrated with leading mobile enterprise email productivity solutions from VMware and BlackBerry, offering users equivalent functionality on the go.

Works How You Work

Organizations can leverage Mail for iOS to enhance their mobile data protection strategy in two ways:

  • Mail for iOS offers best-in-class mobile email classification for users deploying their mobile device’s native email client.
  • Customers who have invested in UEM or EMM solutions can leverage robust Mail for iOS classification capabilities by way of interoperability with, for example, Workspace One Boxer, or Blackberry Work

Gain Peace of Mind

Mail for iOS enables organizations to stop mistakes before they happen using advanced data loss prevention policies for mobile email. Corporate data remains secure as an efficient mobile workforce is empowered to work from anywhere at any time.

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