Government Security Classification, UK

Discover how to comply with the UK Government Security Classification (GSC) policy by providing users with an easy way to classify information assets.

Comply with Government Security (DCS) Classifications Policy

The UK Government Security Classifications (GSC) policy requires that all UK government organizations classify their information assets into one of three types: OFFICIAL, SECRET and TOP SECRET. This simplified classification scheme replaces the previous Government Protective Marking Scheme (GPMS), making it easier for government staff, contractors and service providers to safeguard government information. DCS helps UK government organizations comply with the new GSC policy by providing users with an easy way to classify their information assets. In as little as one click, users can apply GSC-compliant classifications and protective markings to email and documents to clearly identify information sensitivity.

As a proven solution that has been deployed to more than 40 UK councils and police forces, DCS provides:

  • Full “out-of-the-box” support for the new Government Security Classifications policy
  • The ability to customize classifications and markings including special handling instructions
  • Recommended product configurations to help ensure legal and regulatory compliance
  • Policy enforcement to educate users, reduce the risk of loss, and prevent inappropriate access
Government Security DCS
Easily apply Government Security Classifications with DCS









DCS for Outlook

Classification and policy enforcement for Microsoft Outlook®, Outlook Web App®, Lotus Notes® and mobile devices

DCS for Microsoft Office

Classification and policy enforcement for Microsoft Office® , including Word® , PowerPoint® and Excel®

DCS for Desktop

Classification and policy enforcement for any file type, including CAD, PDF, JPEG, MP3, TXT and any other file in a Microsoft Windows® environment.

Fortra’s Classifier Suite for SharePoint

Metadata-based data governance and access control solutions for Microsoft SharePoint

Fortra’s Mail for iOS

Mobile data security for corporate email, documents and files

Policy Warning
Safeguard information and prevent email data breaches with DCS

Data Classification Suite (DCS)

  • DCS for Outlook
  • DCS for Microsoft Office
  • DCS for Desktop
  • Fortra’s Mail for iOS

“Our organization has been using DCS for Outlook and DCS for Microsoft Office for a number of years to help us comply with GPMS requirements. When it came time to shift our classification scheme in order to comply with GSC, DCS helped us to make these changes quickly and seamlessly.”

Marc Compton, Information Security Officer

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