Fortra for Regulatory Compliance

Learn how Fortra solutions are flexible enough to enable organizations at any stage in their privacy protection journey to comply with all regulations.

The Problem

Over the last several years many compliance regulations have sprung up globally. Organizations doing business in regions covered by these mandates have been forced to change their business practices in order to remain compliant. These regulations require organizations to have visibility into what data they possess, and where it is located. This remains a challenge for many organizations who don’t yet have solutions in place to understand where their data lives and what it contains. Ultimately, many organizations aren’t sure where to start, and are worried that these solutions will affect workflow productivity. However, not complying with these mandates could expose organizations to significant risks – fines, negative PR, drops in stock prices, and more. All compelling reasons to find a solution that works, especially considering that the list of regulatory compliance mandates globally is growing quickly.

The Solution

Organizations need a solution that works to ensure they are compliant with applicable regulatory mandates, while also allowing their business to run optimally. An ideal solution should accurately identify sensitive data in their systems, mitigate leakage of that data, and be able to reduce user friction throughout this process. Such a solution should be available to any organization, from those who are only beginning to understand the need for data privacy, to those who already have an established security ecosystem in place. As the data security environment is evolving quickly, a data protection solution should also be scalable and technology agnostic, enabling organizations to use best of breed solutions in their data protection ecosystem.

Fortra – How We Can Help

Fortra's Data Classification Suite (DCS) provides a solution that uses intelligent protection, powered by machine learning, to ensure organizational regulatory compliance, while also allowing for a seamless user experience. DCS solutions are flexible enough to enable organizations at any stage in their privacy protection journey to comply with all regulations.

DCS Compliance Features and Benefits

Key Features Benefits
Information identification DCS inspects emails and documents for sensitive content such as Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and executes on policy to comply with regulatory mandates for your organization – from providing immediate feedback to the sender so that they can correct any problems before the email or document leaves the desktop, to immediate execution of policy without the need to notify the user.
Protective markings DCS applies fully customizable visual markings in the form of headers, footers, watermarks, and classification authority blocks to clearly identify information sensitivity.
Unlimited labels DCS offers an unlimited number of classification or categorization labels, enabling organizations to fully customize their implementation in order to meet any regulatory requirements.
Guided classification Help users comply with regulatory mandates by guiding them through the classification process. The reduced user friction creates an optimized organizational workflow.
Comply on all platforms DCS enables your end users to comply on all platforms, be it desktop, mobile, Cloud, etc.
Interoperable Protective Marking Metadata DCS stores user classification selections with the document as persistent metadata, which can be used to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of DLP, encryption, archiving, and perimeter security solutions.
Reporting DCS provides a centralized, web-based administration console for classification configuration and policy management across the entire DCS suite of products. DCS generates user activity logs that can be monitored and analyzed to measure the effectiveness of the security policies.


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