Fortra and Lookout’s Data Protection

Fortra's data classification products integrate with Lookout Cloud Security

Lookout Security Service Edge (SSE)

As organizations seek to utilize the broadest range of cloud capabilities to increase business agility — from email and collaboration applications to cloud infrastructure and beyond — the necessity for data loss prevention has intensified. With the need to enforce stringent data protection without preventing important business operations, practitioners are challenged to enlist centralized, efficient multi-SaaS capabilities. The Lookout Cloud Security Platform, which delivers the Lookout SSE solution, allows today’s organizations to remain confident that every information security and compliance consideration is being met while allowing for open, optimized cloud data interaction.

The Lookout SSE solution integrates cloud access security broker (CASB), zero trust network access (ZTNA) and secure web gateway (SWG). These natively integrated solutions deliver complete visibility and control from endpoint to cloud. The SSE solution includes advanced data protection that enables organizations to apply consistent data security policies and controls across all of their cloud apps — ensuring protection of sensitive information across every key requirement.

Fortra’s Data Classification and Labeling Solutions

Achieving intellectual property (IP) protection and compliance across a wealth of new international data privacy laws and regulations is the benchmark for effective cybersecurity, and data classification is the first step to building a strong data protection posture.

Fortra's data classification products provide the essential tools to clearly inform both your administrators and your policies on what data should be secured and how to handle it.

Manage and protect your data with the industry’s most flexible and customizable classification metadata schema. Our products are the leaders in data classification, data identification, and security automation. Their data labeling and classification solutions offer advanced capabilities to discover, classify, and protect sensitive documents.

Fortra and Lookout Integration

The integration of the Lookout SSE solution with Fortra's Data Classification Suite (DCS) enable customers to apply Lookout advanced data protection to data that has been classified. By reading and writing the classification labels provided, Lookout can take data protection actions based on an organization’s policies. For example, sensitive data can be automatically detected and action taken to mask or redact the data within a message or file. These actions enable organizations to not only safeguard their sensitive data but also meet their compliance requirements.

These data protection controls can be leveraged across the Internet, private enterprise and SaaS applications regardless of device — managed and unmanaged, network, or location.

Data and cloud discovery

Discover and properly label all sensitive data across the enterprise.

Zero trust security

Perform continuous risk assessments of users, devices, and cloud apps to ensure secure data access.

Data loss prevention

Apply security protection policies and actions based on DCS labels regardless of location.

Governance and compliance

Ensure company and government regulations are being followed through data access policy controls.



  • Identify, classify, and protect sensitive data across the enterprise
  • Ensure data is protected across all devices and users
  • Differentiated policies based on the data type and sensitivity
  • Ensure global data governance and compliance
  • Advanced security and threat detection from endpoint to cloud
  • Extensive third-party integrations

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