Mac Classifier Datasheet

User-centric data classification for Microsoft Office for Mac Application Suite

At A Glance

Apple Mac desktop and laptop devices are common amongst the senior executives of many organizations and dominate the creative and media industries. Within these communities the protection of sensitive data is paramount. According to analysts IDC, the market share for Mac devices has grown to a record 8% of the PC market, partly fueled by lower operating costs and increased security.

Boldon James Mac Classifier brings the benefits of user-centric data classification to organizations using Mac devices. Mac Classifier is unique in incorporating classification across the Microsoft Office for Mac suite, extending the user experience of the key applications of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Engages Users

Simple Classification

label choices are easily selected using a range of fully customizable interface styles. Users can be guided through a series of labelling choices, reducing complexity and ensuring validity of the final selection. Alternatively, a simple collection of buttons can be offered that need only a single click to classify an email or Office document.

Increases Awareness

Visual Marking

Visual markings are applied to the content of documents and Outlook messages. You can configure where the markings will appear, their formatting, syntax and any dynamic placeholders such as the username or date.

Metadata Marking

Classifications are recorded as metadata within Office document properties – providing a valuable additional context for use by Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Data Retention solutions.

Attachment Inventory

Details of attached files, including their classification, can be appended to an email - providing an attachment history and maintaining awareness of the original content, even when printed.

Enforces Policy

Classification Enforcement

A user can be required to classify each message or document - automating compliance with data protection policies.

Controlled Sharing

The classification of a message can be used to control who is allowed to receive it, by using classification permissions assigned to particular external domains.

Drives Security Solutions

Enhancing Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Use classification metadata to improve the accuracy of DLP solutions, accelerate implementation projects and reduce frustrating false positives.

Exploits A Common Platform

Unified Administration

The Classifier Administration console unifies the policy configuration of all Classifier products, including Mac Classifier – handling policies from the simple to complex, ensuring a quick implementation with the minimum of expertise (see our Classifier Administration datasheet for more information)



  • Covers Office for Mac
  • Engages users
  • Increases awareness
  • Enforces policy
  • Drives security solutions
  • Exploits a common platform