CAD Classifier for AutoCAD

Adding classification for design documents to prevent data loss

At A Glance

Engineering and manufacturing organizations hold substantial intellectual property assets in the form of design documents and drawings produced by CAD applications. Managing and controlling these assets is a challenging task in today’s collaborative environments with many external partners involved in the supply chain.

Fortra's CAD Classifier brings the benefits of data classification to key design documents produced by specific CAD applications.  CAD Classifier for AutoCAD allows users of Autodesk® AutoCAD® to apply relevant visual and metadata labels to CAD documents and receive guidance on labeling policy, all via the user interface common to all Classifier products.

Engages Users

Simple Label Selection

Classification choices are made via the familiar labeling dialog common to all other Classifier products, with a range of fully customizable interface styles including simple single-click buttons. For more advanced classification schemes the users can be guided through a series of labeling choices, reducing complexity and ensuring the validity of the final selection.

Increases Awareness

Visual Marking

Your Classifier policy can be set to add visual markings to CAD drawings within the plot stamp area in order to ensure that printed documents can convey the classification and other instructions.

Metadata Marking

CAD Classifier ensures that the classification metadata is retained in a persistent form within the file formats commonly used to exchange CAD documents including DXF (Drawing Interchange Format) and DWG file formats. This metadata persists regardless of the medium the files are stored in or the methods used to exchange them and may then be used to coordinate the actions of other technologies such as DLP and Data Retention.

Enforces Policy

Classification Rules

As with all other Classifier products, policy rules can be defined via the Classifier Administration console and applied to the CAD classification activity using the common rules engine of the Classifier Platform. These rules allow, for example, that changes to a document’s classification are controlled to prevent inappropriate modification.

Policy Feedback

Users can be given direct feedback where their actions contravene classification policy in the form of the policy check dialog common to other Classifier products. The policy check dialog can provide fully customizable warnings and may also be used to challenge the user to justify an action or to block the action altogether.

Drives Security Solutions

Enhancing Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions cannot use content analysis techniques to distinguish the value of a CAD drawing. Using the classification metadata applied by the drawing author can improve the accuracy of DLP solutions, accelerate implementation projects, and reduce frustrating false positives.

Exploits A Common Platform

Unified Administration

The Classifier Administration console unifies the policy configuration of all Classifier products – handling the simplest to most complex policies, ensuring a quick implementation with the minimum of expertise.

  • Engages users
  • Increases awareness
  • Enforces policy
  • Drives security solutions
  • Exploits a common platform