Access & Protect Data – Anywhere, Anytime | Data Classification

Access & Protect Data – Anywhere, Anytime

The volume of data is growing exponentially and compliance regulations are increasingly stringent. The tools we use to be more productive make it more challenging to find and protect data.

Bridging The Gap To Secure Data The Data Protection Challenge

Data is growing exponentially while compliance requirements are expanding and becoming more costly to manage. There are increasing societal implications and expectations about personal data privacy in addition to ensuring the security of your organization’s IP. The explosion of data and complexity of regulatory governance combined with the changes in how and where people work, has made data protection a moving target. Even if you’re protected and compliant today, changes in expectations and requirements can come tomorrow.

Compounding this challenge is a need to access data no matter where it resides and how or where it may travel. You can’t secure sensitive data if you can’t find it, and when compliance and IP are at stake, addressing this need becomes fundamental to every organization when defining a data protection strategy that works the way you need it to.

Finding Your Most Sensitive Data – At Rest  And In Motion Across All Your Data Sources

Structured data is “the known” and lies at rest within relational DBMS systems, within massive file stores leveraging technologies such as Hadoop for heavy processing. It may migrate to and from the Cloud and transmit across a range of operating systems such as Windows, Linux or Solaris. While we know where it resides, what is missing is to identify the “sensitive” data within these larger data repositories.

Unstructured data is “the unknown” as it resides in files, documents, emails – constantly moving and transforming across the workflow as information is shared internally within the organization and externally to customers, and partners. The challenge is to ensure sensitive information is identified and secured as it travels to and from users, across systems and file repositories both on-premise and in the cloud.

The Need: Identify & Protect All Data

The fundamentals of data protection are straightforward:

1. Know what you have, 2. Know where it is, and 3. Know who has access.

Most organizations have a combined need to identify and protect all sensitive data whether it exists in structured or unstructured format and as it changes between the two configurations.

What companies require today is a complete data strategy to secure sensitive data at rest AND in motion, to ensure your most confidential, mission-critical information is protected  at all times.

Putting The Two Together – A Natural Fit To A Comprehensive Data Protection Strategy

Fortra's Data Classification Suite (DCS) and Dataguise bring together the most comprehensive approach to data protection to enable you to intelligently detect and secure your most valuable and vulnerable data wherever it resides, while maintaining the integrity of the data, however it travels. Our combined solutions address your data protection challenges to offer a complete data protection strategy for your business.

DCS – A Policy-Driven Foundation  For Data

DCS solutions put your company’s policies at the center of your data protection framework to increase security while removing risk as data is accessed  and shared within the workflow.

DCS leverages data classification, content matching and validation, to help you identify and protect your data. DCS has developed the industry’s most powerful, flexible policy management platform, purpose built to identify, classify  and secure your organization’s unstructured data.

Intelligent, deliberate decisions on how sensitive information is handled throughout the workflow and classify accordingly.

Dataguise – End-To-End Protection  

For Data Dataguise offers DgSecure, a data privacy and protection software that automatically discovers, protects, and monitors sensitive data across enterprise repositories, on-premises, and in the Cloud to deliver comprehensive control and visibility via a single dashboard.

With DGSecure, Dataguise provides an end to end process to: detect and report exact location of sensitive data in structured and semi-structure content, protect by masking and/or encryption, and monitor to track how and where data is being accessed. A crucial component to this process and fundamental to meet mandatory governance and compliance standards, is providing the right of access,  and right to erasure upon request.

Bridging The Gap To Protect Business Execution

DCS and Dataguise have a shared commitment to engage and help companies become responsible “data stewards” by providing best-in-class data protection solutions no matter where your data resides.

For organizations today, there’s a lot at stake to ensure all sensitive data is protected wherever it resides within an organization. DCS and Dataguise address this need separately and collectively to offer you a comprehensive solution to address your most challenging business security needs.

Our Combined Value To Customers

DCS scans and monitors unstructured data at rest – files in shared folders and cloud repositories (that include Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint and Office 365), and in motion as new files and emails are being created. Dataguise scans, monitors and protects structured and unstructured data which is usually at rest within repositories (that include RDBMs, Hadoop, AWS S3, Azure Data Lake, Google Cloud Storage, Snowflake and Teradata).

  DSC Dataguise
Governance Protect sensitive files at rest, enabling secure workflows e.g. sharing via email Protect PII in data respositories - RDBMS, Hadoop, Teradata & cloud platforms
Compliance & GDPR Comply with data privacy laws & standards (GDPR, HIPAA, PCI)
Secure Data Usage Protect rights to data based on regulated and custom classification Monitor & protect access rights to personal data - right to be informed, right to be forgotten
Migration Identify sensitive data to classify and protect Discover & encrypt sensitive data in repositories on Cloud (AWS S3, RDS, Aurora, Redshift, Azure ADLS, Google Cloud, SnowFlake and more…. )  and on-premise with ongoing monitoring
  Meet requirements for consumer privacy regulations & create custom policies based on needs including GDPR, PCI & compliance


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