Morpho Classifies and Protects Sensitive Information and Meets Export Control Requirements with Fortra

See how Safran Morpho Classifies and Protects Sensitive Information with Fortra Data Classification Solutions

Morpho, Safran’s security business, addresses emerging security requirements for individuals, businesses and countries. Its expertise spans three core markets: identification of persons and goods, production and personalization of e-documents, detection of threats and substances. Morpho has over 7,700 employees in more than 40 countries. With integrated systems operating in more than 100 countries, its solutions and technologies are now part of daily life, reinforcing security and building trust around the world. 

Business Situation

Morpho is a pioneer in the development of security solutions that help contribute to the safety and security of people, transportation, data and countries around the world. To say the company is security conscious is an understatement, as security is Morpho’s core business. The company handles large amounts of sensitive data related to the security products it develops, as well as the systems of its customers around the world.

With such a heavy emphasis on security, Morpho’s IT and Security team started looking for a better way to control the flow of data within the organization, particularly information found in Microsoft Outlook© email and in Microsoft Office© documents. As the company has several U.S.-based subsidiaries, they also needed to comply with Export Administration Regulations (EAR), which regulates the export and re-export of most commercial items that are dual-use items with the military.


Morpho was searching for a way to classify information in order to apply security measures to prevent information leaks and ensure compliance with EAR in the U.S. With that in mind, the company started actively looking for a solution. Following a public Request for Proposal process specifically focused on finding a classification solution which would meet their intellectual property and export control requirements, Morpho chose Fortra's Data Classification.

Morpho selected Fortra's products based on their ease of use, and based on the company’s proven track record with some of the world’s most security focused organizations. Furthermore, Fortra's work with other companies on their need to comply with EAR reinforced that Fortra could help Morpho in meeting the requirements of this regulation. Morpho deployed the entire  Classification Suite – Fortra Message Classification™ and DCS for Microsoft Office™ and Desktop™. With these solutions in place, users throughout the company are able to classify and mark emails and documents, and are responsible for determining how data should be handled. With DCS solutions, all content types can be classified at the desktop – including emails, Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents, PDFs, video files and more.


Morpho has deployed the full suite of DCS solutions to more than 3,000 users worldwide, creating a corporate culture that includes a complete approach to classification where users are more aware of how data should be handled, and only authorized users can view data. By deploying these solutions, Morpho has seen improved data security across the enterprise and has helped to ensure compliance with EAR. Furthermore, information is classified, enabling the organization to qualify the value of each piece of information and make intelligent, deliberate decisions on how that information is handled.

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