Large Canadian Financial Institution Enhances Data Protection Strategy with McAfee and Fortra

Learn how a large Canadian financial institution enhances their data protection strategy with McAfee and Fortra

When sensitive information gets into the wrong hands, the costs can be severe: fines, lawsuits, embarrassing headlines, loss of intellectual property, even risk to public safety. Using techniques such as data classification and content validation, Fortra's Data Classification Suite (DCS) enforces policy and mitigates data loss - raising user awareness and preventing data breaches at the source.

Business Situation

One of the largest Canadian financial institutions was looking for a proven solution to enhance their data security best practices – specifically around the storing, handling, and sharing of sensitive information. They also had a specific requirement to improve employee awareness specific to data confidentiality and security. They were looking for a comprehensive solution that would more effectively safeguard data, and enable end users to easily identify and classify the sensitivity of emails and documents as they were being created and/or retrieved from corporate file-shares.

Enhancing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) with Classification

After extensive research, this institution determined that the integrated data classification and data loss prevention solutions from Fortra and McAfee would help them effectively protect and confidently share their most sensitive information. This large financial institution selected DCS to help their employees accurately and effectively identify and handle emails and documents. By implementing Classification solutions at the desktop, they were able to address compliance requirements by raising user awareness and accountability as part of their usual workflow. DCS solutions work in conjunction with a number of McAfee products, including McAfee.