Donnie Macoll

Donnie MacColl

Senior Director of Technical Support, DPO

Donnie MacColl is Senior Director of Technical Support at Fortra. Donnie manages a team of security and automation engineers who provide a first-class support service to Fortra’s global customer base. As Fortra’s GDPR Data Protection Officer, he also works closely with legal and security teams on regulatory compliance.  

Donnie joined Fortra in 2015 when the company bought Halcyon Software. He has 30 years of experience working in IT, specializing in cybersecurity, IT governance and compliance, and advanced automation techniques across multi-platform environments. Donnie previously worked for Johnson Matthey, and as a consultant with Virgin Media, AMP Insurance, and a variety of Managed Service Providers.  

Donnie’s mantra is “think global” so that solutions can scale and with this mindset he has helped many organizations secure their sensitive data, remain compliant, and improve cost efficiencies across some of the largest data centers in the US, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Donnie is a Master Certified Network Engineer, and is a regular speaker at international events.