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Fortra's Classifier Suite and Varonis


Together, Fortra's Classifier Suite and Varonis enable your organization to better understand the use, value and exposure of your sensitive data, enabling greater control and increasing awareness of data safeguarding whilst reducing risk.

Varonis provides a data governance software platform that allows you to map, analyze and manage your unstructured, human-generated data. This type of unstructured data includes spreadsheets, word processing documents, presentations, audio files, video files, emails, text messages and any other data created by employees.

The Varonis Metadata Framework

The Varonis data security platform non-intrusively collects critical metadata, including that applied by Fortra's Classifier Suite, and generates additional metadata where it is lacking. With the elasticity to assimilate, synthesize and analyze metadata and platforms, Varonis can also automate execution of sophisticated security, governance, migration and retention tasks on enterprise data.

Combining data classification with the effective monitoring and behavior analysis offered by Varonis helps reduce the business risk of valued and sensitive information ending up in the wrong hands, while enhancing decision making and increasing the effectiveness of enterprise search and retrieval.

Classifier Suite is a Varonis technology partner and member of their alliance programmed.

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