Why Data Classification for Oil & Gas Organizations


Operating within highly-decentralized infrastructural networks, often with complex supply chains, Oil and Gas organizations must share data in order to operate effectively, but are challenged to do this securely.

Faced with the substantial ongoing threat of cyber-attack, organizations must protect their intellectual property, including information on pending lease bids, knowledge about upcoming mergers and acquisitions, geoseismic and engineering data, technology research, chemical formulae and telemetry data from wells in operation. Classifying data enables organizations within the oil and gas industry to ensure that data is only ever accessed by those with permissions to view or share it.

How Fortra Data Classification can Help Oil & Gas Companies


Fortra Data Classification integrates with your existing productivity software, providing classification capability for data in files, documents and messages. With its familiar, user-friendly interface for easy classification by users, without the need for training, the system is used to protect sensitive data for Oil and Gas organizations across the world.

Using Classifier helps Oil & Gas organizations enforce corporate policy on the handling and distribution of this sensitive information and empowers users to take ownership of the data that they use on a daily basis.

Classifier provides both visual classification labelling to support users and vital metadata which can be used to drive other technologies and processes. Once data is classified, Classifier can activate third party DLP, encryption, and archiving and rights management software, offering another layer of security for your sensitive data. Enhanced consistency in the application of these measures enhances an organization’s return on technology investments.